What’s the story behind the name “Urban Burp”

Posted by Electra on January 25, 2013
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Fabrics That Inspire (and Make You Burp)

Does your heart skip a beat when looking at gorgeous fabrics and does your mind start drawing up sketches and new palette for redecorating your home…? Well, it sure did happen to me when I met Electra Skilandat. She is the owner of Urban Burp, the coolest place for vintage fabrics! And from the pictures below, you’ll see how irresistible it is not to get inspired when you are roaming around her site and her shop.Here’s a quick interview with Electra:What’s the story behind the name “Urban Burp”?
When customers come to the store and they look around, they will find one fabric that brings up memory from their childhood. So it’s a literal emotional burp.

Two words to describe your store.  Eclectic & Happy!

"Leaf Tree Import"

Le sigh – is this not an angel singing moment?

The coolest custom storage solution


Psstt, you can also find some exquisite batik fabrics here too!

Best selling products / what are you known for?
Barkcloth, especially the heavier weight. Notice that different period has different weave, for example in the 40s it’s the popcorn weave, while the 50s – 60s it resembles bark. We also do home decorations: pillows, upholstery, etc
What do you want to channel to your customers after they experience your store?
I want them to feel like they’ve created something for their home that they are happy and proud about. That they’ve had a Great experience and learned something.
stripe quilt chintz
Geometric Shantungs

Did you know that Merino Wool has natural Lanolin in it? These Pin Cushions prevent your pins from rusting

Electra Skilandat @ Urban Burp

To experience this amazing inspiration heaven and your own emotional burp, visit Electra here:Urban Burp
Full Service House – Upholstery, Drapery and Soft Goods.
Garrard Commercial Center
200 South Garrard Blvd, Suite 3
Pt. Richmond, CA 94801

Please call (415) 399-8761 for business hours

If you don’t live in the Bay Area, you still have access to her gorgeous fabrics via her online store: www.urbanburp.com

4 Comments to What’s the story behind the name “Urban Burp”

  • Bobbie Young says:

    Trying to figure out your location. White pages put you in S.F. on Columbus, but your web site has you in Point Richmond. Please give me correct info.
    Also, I used to see you at the Sacramento and Pleasanton Street Faires, but no more. Have you quit doing those? Miss seeing you.

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